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    How to MAKE it, SAVE it, and USING it Wisely

Welcome to the Money Miser! This site is All About Money! 
How to MAKE it, SAVE it, and USING it Wisely!

Hello, and Welcome!  My name is Dan Dickerson, and I am known as the “Money Miser.” I have been in banking since 1979 in lending and other areas of the bank. I have seen all kinds of ways that people use their money, spend their money, and sometimes yes, they even save their money!

In today’s economy, you have to use your money and resources to your best advantage, and with this site, I can help you do just that. Let’s take a look and see how I can help you in your current money situation.

MAKE IT - After talking to many people in person and with email, I have found that most people these days are trying to make extra money to supplement their income!  Their “9 to 5” job is just not producing enough income to pay all the bills and to have some of  the “little extras” they want for their family.

Everyone has options about making money. The most obvious option is making money from your job. You work typically 40 hours per week and bring home a paycheck. For most of us, that’s pretty much the way it goes. We have a paycheck from our job. And for a lot of people, maybe even you, you just go to work and come home. Uninspired?  Not really liking your job or who you work with, but you have to have a job. Is this you? If it is, then you will benefit from this site as I will show you some options for making the extra money you’ve been looking for. The amount that you can make is totally up to you.

You can go to my Blog on Making Money to get the foundation and education you need to start producing that extra income you and your family are so desperately looking for. All you need is a computer and an internet connection. Don’t have that?  You can go to your local Public Library and use theirs. All you need is a library card. Go to my Blog Here!

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